Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It's an alternative form of energy healing and can be used in conjunction with traditional forms of healing. 

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Bath Products


 PS Essentials is our exclusive line of soaps, lotions, and shower gels. All of our products are safe and gentle for sensitive skin and have been thoroughly tested for ultimate customer satisfaction. Try for yourself and feel the difference. 

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Essential Oils


 The Stone Dragon is proud to offer Simply Earth Essential Oils. Unlike some other oils which are created synthetically, Simply Earth Essential Oils are high-quality and plant-based and are 100% pure! 

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to The Stone Dragon, (formerly PS Essentials). In 2018, we started with a small line of handcrafted soaps and lotions. We've since expanded to include Reiki and Crystal Therapy services. Need gifts and other treasures? Stop by our online shop and view our offerings.


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